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Address: Australia

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About company

See Who We Are

Apex Platform is your most reliable way to get into a win-win situation when trading online!

Who We Are?

The company is registered in Australia and provides financial services to traders worldwide; most number of traders from USA and Europe. Apex Platform is a platform where you can trade crypto CFD of different types and other commodities for both beginners and professionals, so do not lose the chance to be educated in earning money with pleasure with the help of our qualified team. Moreover, there are multiple choices of assets and platforms to trade to make the most comfortable terms for users. Start work online, invest in your future and forget about being a desk jockey!

Our Benefits

When you start trading CFDs with Apex Platform, you will discover countless advantages, namely:

Free education

ICP offers free educational materials on their website. You can also watch free video tutorials online.

Free demos

Practice trading with fundamental markets without risking your money using Apex Platform’s free demo accounts. You can also use the demo account to learn the basics of CFD trading.

Free newsletters

Get free insights into the markets in Apex Platform’s free newsletters.

Free trading platform

Use Apex Platform’s fully functional trading platform to trade CFDs without any charges.

Large market selection

Trade countless stocks and commodities from Apex Platform.

Low minimum deposit

Don’t have a lot of money to invest? That’s not a problem. With Apex Platform, you can start trading with as little as $100.

Low commission rates

With Apex Platform, you get some of the lowest commissions in the industry, with a charge of just 1 percent. Some other companies charge as much as 15 percent.

Free automatic trading

Let Apex Platform work for you with their free auto trade program. Support auto trading with Apex Platform.

Secure platform

Trustable software ensures that your identity and personal information remain safe and secure when you trade with Apex Platform.


  1. So far, everything is fine, I have been working for 2 months, during this time I have already tried both automation and work on signals, the withdrawal takes several hours, I think to work on the stock market, while I am still approaching this

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