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About company:

Bitchain is a major online trading company and pioneer, always pushing the limits through cutting-edge research and development.

Our company has been established in 2015 and has been steadily growing on theinternational market ever since.

We at Bitchain strive to offer you the finest trading conditions possible, backed by industry-leading and cutting-edge innovation systems. Our efforts are continually pushing the boundaries of liquidity and usability to provide you with a genuinely extraordinary trading environment.

Bitchain’s founders spent their early years doing what they do best: trading. Through this experience, they discovered the challenges that traders face when trading, as well as the hurdles and pain, spots that the industry was unable to resolve. They set out to find a solution for their fellow traders, motivated by a desire to help them.

Bitchain, a firm truly formed by traders, for traders, with a purpose to not only solve their current challenges but to constantly be one step ahead creating solutions for their clients, presented itself as the solution.

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