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The Exmo cryptocurrency exchange acts as a platform for the exchange and trading of digital coins and real money. The company was founded in 2014 with a focus on clients from the CIS countries. During this time, the resource has demonstrated high reliability and has taken its niche in the post-Soviet space. The popularity of the service is evidenced by the fact that the number of registered users exceeds 1.5 million. At the same time, the daily trading volume reaches 20 million USD. Registration and verification To create a profile, enter your e-mail address on the official website exmo.com, create a login and password. To gain access to the services of a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to pass verification. The client is required to confirm: identity. It is necessary to enter personal data and attach a scan of a national or international passport (ID-card). the address. Enter the details of the place of residence and attach a photo of the document confirming the address. This could be a tax document, a utility bill, a bank statement; appearance. Take a selfie photo holding your passport or ID-card, as well as a piece of paper with the current date indicated and signed by EXMO. The picture should be of good quality, and details should be clearly visible; payment card. Take a photo of both sides of the plastic card. The cryptocurrency exchange only accepts personalized cards belonging to the account holder. Cover with fingers 7 and 8 the digit of the number, CVV code and expiration date.

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  1. I have used Exmo before. Just sent £20 UK Pounds in BTC to my old BTC address with Exmo. But apparently the minimum is now 0.01 BTC. Anything less is lost for good. What a scam! Imagine transferring money from one bank account to another and then finding out because the amount was not large enough the money was lost for good. Utterly ridiculous. Crypto should be for everyone to trade. I will never use Exmo again and have asked them to close my account

  2. I used this platform for over 2 months, good mobile app, easy verification process, low trading fees (for USDT operations), nice notifications system, I enjoyed and like the platform, unfortunately I had to switch to another exchange because they don’t have a pair I’m now using (LTC/USDT) and I think is too expensive for me to exchange USD for USDT if I use the LTC/USD pair, for all the other stuff I highly recommend the platform.

  3. I have been using the EXMO platform for more than a year. There are only positive emotions about the platform. A large selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, a user-friendly interface, a simple and fast way to pass verification. After passing the verification on EXMO, the possibility of SEPA Instant transfers has appeared and now you can top up your balance in (USD/EUR/GBP) directly from your bank account, this is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

  4. While I am happy with the ease of selling BTC into GBP and withdrawing GBP into my bank account which only takes minutes I have been recently disappointed of not being able to deposit GBP into my EXMO account. I was being sent a link to a wallet that supposed to do that but my security software didn’t like that and I was unable to make a deposit. I was told that you don’t know how long will this go on for, but I hope not for too long.

  5. The site is not answering my Emails,i am trying to reach all departments which i can see on their contact.
    i think they are absolutely scammers,i have sent 65 000 euro and the money is just not arriving,they are writing me that it is some kind of check,which already takes more than 2 weeks

  6. Exmo was a fantastic site when I initially registered. I could buy/sell/trade whenever I liked and withdrawals couldn’t have been easier. When I would execute a withdrawal, the funds were in my account within minutes.

    This is no longer the case. They have turned transactions over to two sites who do not reply to customer emails and shut down for days at a time, leaving your funds in limbo where you can’t access them if and when needed..

  7. It’s a scam. They show prices higher than other exchanges to attract arbitrage traders, and then you can’t withdraw the USD of those sells. Then the offer to trade USD for USDT for a crazy price so you receive less USDT, nd offer to exchange those USDT to USD Visa into some estrange Russian exchanges, at the end, they win the fees and you lost . Don’t waste your time and mone on this scam.

  8. ive been using Exmo for like 5 months, so i can tell my expressions now. Firstly – its completely safe, i varified myself and could start trading. Theyve added the possibility of depositing in various currencies which is useful. theres a little comission when you try to get your money out, but its okay, nothing special.

  9. I began to be interested in cryptocurrency. Initially, it was difficult to find a good company. I found out about EXMO. The exchanger is quite popular, and the commission for trading is very meager. Tech support is in touch and often helps, no fraud.

  10. UPDATE: My ticket number is 932331
    UPDATE 2: The issue was solved in one day! I may have been to hursh with the judgement, thank you!

    First time ever I write here on trustpilot. The exchange wont deposit my tokens (or at least they are not showing on exchange), because of some “technical works on wallet”, even so I can perfectly see the balance of the wallet on etherscan site and the tokens are there. I dont understand how this exchange still exists, I will give the issue to my lawyer if they dont deposit the tokens in 72 hrs, because in this case they would violate their own User Agreement. All positive valuations here seems to be FAKE. Be careful.

  11. The cryptocurrency platform met all my expectations by 150% guys great fellows do everything from the heart and I recommend this platform in time because only professionals who love and appreciate their work here

  12. Don’t use this company, they won’t let you withdraw cash to you bank account. Its a scam ! Their support team are incompetent and the app is rubbish.

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