Exposing Shadowy Nuances: How to Avoid Pitfalls with Real Estate Agencies Abroad – A Case Study with IBAKA HOMES REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL

In the quest for the perfect property abroad, many turn to real estate agencies hoping for professional assistance and support. However, cases of dishonest practices are not uncommon. Unfortunately, some clients encounter problems, as described in our narrative.

Deceptive Promises: Details of the Case with IBAKA HOMES REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL

One such real estate agency is IBAKA HOMES REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL in Spain. At first glance, this respected agency offers a wide selection of properties without hidden nuances. But what is the reality?

Delayed Transactions: How the Agency Ignores Agreed Timelines

Clients who approached IBAKA HOMES faced a prolonged transaction process. Despite pre-discussed timelines, the agency failed to meet them, resulting in serious inconvenience for the clients.

Commission Over Client Interests: A Story of Unsuitable Property Choices

IBAKA HOMES recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet the clients’ needs. This was a clear example of how a real estate agency can prioritize its own interests over those of the client.

Legal Irregularities: How the Agency Can Expose Clients to Legal Risks

IBAKA HOMES realtors proved to be incompetent in the legal aspects of real estate and documentation. This led to serious legal consequences for the clients, who encountered improper documentation and legal violations.

Unsatisfied Clients: Why Rectifying Mistakes Is Not a Priority for the Agency

After investing considerable time and resources in working with IBAKA HOMES, clients remained dissatisfied with their services. However, the agency showed no willingness to rectify its mistakes, leaving clients in a precarious position.

Conclusion: How to Avoid Such Problems with Real Estate Agencies

The story of clients with IBAKA HOMES is a clear example of the problems that can arise when dealing with real estate agencies abroad. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, it is necessary to carefully research the reputation and rating of the agency, as well as thoroughly review the terms of cooperation before signing a contract. It is also important to seek professionals with the necessary experience and expertise in real estate to minimize risks and ensure a successful transaction completion.

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10 thoughts on “Exposing Shadowy Nuances: How to Avoid Pitfalls with Real Estate Agencies Abroad – A Case Study with IBAKA HOMES REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL

  1. IBAKA HOMES Real Estate International – complete disappointment! Not only did the transaction drag on for months, but the realtors also turned out to be complete unprofessionals who did not know the basic legal aspects of the transaction.

  2. IBAKA HOMES turned out to be extremely incompetent in matters of the legal part of the transaction. The misapplication of legislation has led to serious problems due to which we have lost more than we have gained.

  3. Working with IBAKA HOMES Real Estate International was a complete failure. Before concluding a transaction, make sure that you do not encounter the same problems as us.

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