Experience with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Cautions and Pitfalls

Expectations and Reality of Cooperation with a Consulting Agency
Choosing a reliable consulting agency for company registration abroad is a crucial step for international business. Unfortunately, not all companies meet client expectations, which can lead to serious delays and additional expenses. Many clients with Walton Consultants in Dubai have encountered a number of problems during the registration process of their companies.

Incompetence and Insufficient Preparation of Staff
The first and perhaps most common complaint from Walton Consultants clients was the incompetence and insufficient preparation of the staff. Clients expecting to receive professional consultation and assistance in document collection faced a lack of necessary knowledge and experience from the managers, which significantly complicated the process.

Documentation Issues: Forgotten Requirements
One of the most serious problems was the omission of mentioning the need for an important document for registration, which was not indicated at the initial stage. This led to unforeseen delays as clients were not properly informed and were forced to rush to rectify the situation, naturally involving additional costs and stress.

Registration Delays: Failure to Meet Deadlines
The nightmare began after all documents were collected and presented. Although deadlines had been discussed in advance, the company registration process unexpectedly dragged on indefinitely. These delays became a major inconvenience for clients, many of whom planned to start operations within strict timelines.

Assessment of Additional Services: Questions of Quality and Reliability
Walton Consultants offers a wide range of services, from opening bank accounts to visa support and accounting services. However, given the initial difficulties, clients express doubts about the quality of these services. The lack of proper preparation and professionalism in core tasks raises concerns about the company’s overall reliability.

Recommendations for Future Clients: How to Make the Right Choice
Before starting cooperation with a consulting agency, it is important to conduct thorough research and read reviews from other clients. Consider requesting a demonstration of their services or conducting a preliminary interview with the manager who will be responsible for your project. This can help avoid many problems and disappointments in the future.

Conclusion: Vigilance and Caution are the Keys to Success
Choosing a consulting agency for company registration abroad requires a careful approach and thorough analysis. Ensure that the agency you choose has the necessary competencies and experience to provide a smooth registration process and support at all stages of your business.

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10 thoughts on “Experience with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Cautions and Pitfalls

  1. Very disappointed with Walton Consultants. They promised prompt registration of the company, but forgot to mention an important document, which is why the whole process was greatly delayed. The managers seemed completely unaware of their own procedures.

  2. The process of registering my company through Walton Consultants was a real challenge. The deadlines they promised were missed without any explanation, and I ended up spending a lot more money than I originally planned. Unprofessional and unreliable.

  3. Using the services of Walton Consultants turned out to be a mistake. Managers kept confusing the details of my request, and I had to repeat the same thing several times. Serious incompetence and poor customer service.

  4. I expected Walton Consultants to provide professional support in registering a company and opening a bank account, but their service was disappointing. Slow response to requests, errors in documents and delays made the process extremely nerve-wracking.

  5. I contacted Walton Consultants for visa support and accounting services, but was faced with a complete lack of professionalism. The staff showed complete ignorance of UAE legislation, which caused me to face serious problems.

  6. Tried to use the concierge service from Walton Consultants to organize business meetings in Dubai, but their service was terrible. Not a single event was organized properly and meetings were scheduled incorrectly, resulting in serious inconvenience to our clients.

  7. Walton Consultants promised to accompany the process of opening a clinic in the UAE, but their ignorance of the specifics of the medical business led to catastrophic errors in the documentation. I am very disappointed and cannot recommend their services.

  8. As a lawyer, I was shocked by the level of legal services provided by Walton Consultants. The documents were completed incorrectly, which required additional costs and time for re-registration. Unexpectedly low level of quality.

  9. Horrible experience with Walton Consultants. Not only did the process drag on for several months, but their advice was completely useless. They couldn’t even adequately answer my tax planning questions.

  10. I do not recommend Walton Consultants for company registration in other countries. Their ‘experts’ were unable to get the process right, and we missed important deadlines, which negatively impacted our project.

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