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Coinbase is an American cryptocurrency exchange that occupies the second position in terms of trading volume in the world. It has been operating since 2012. The platform supports operations with 53 cryptocurrencies and three fiats (USD, EUR, GBP). Margin trading is available on the exchange with a maximum leverage of 1:3. For transactions, the site charges a commission of 0.05-0.5%. Coinbase is also implemented as a mobile application and a wallet for storing coins. The most popular cryptocurrencies on the exchange are BTC, ETH, FIL.

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  1. Overall, I loved the software and how it is. It will be great if it can reduce the operating fees & better off its customer support.

  2. Overall My Implemening Coinbase as Crypto Exchange for trading was not much Exciting & I switched to some other exchanges a/c my requirements.. Overall I would suggest Coinbase only for Institutions & not for Reatilers..

  3. This is a very promising crypto wallet. It is very secure and easy to use. We can easily send and receive crypto with this wallet and it is available for all major platforms like web and mobile apps. I have tried it out and it is just as good as they say it is. This is a great wallet for beginners and established crypto users. I highly recommend this crypto wallet.

  4. I don’t care for the fact that they charge fees when you sell cryptocurrency and when you cash out. It should be one or the other. Fees are minimal though.

  5. The best thing about Coinbase is that the User Interface of both the app and web version is simple and easy to use. The homepage displays all the recent updates, categories and other important information in the best way possible and looks better than other crypto platforms. Another good thing is that it supports a lot of coins. Coins can be bought, sold and transferred easily though there are less options for transferring crypto coins. Another good thing is that Coinbase comes up with rewards and offers once in a month. Also, a unique feature of coinbase is that it supports NFTs as well. Coinbase offers staking of certain trusted coins.

  6. for me coinbase is one of the best electronic wallet because I find it really secure in addition it is possible to earn crypto with it

  7. As someone who has been using Coinbase for approximately two years, I frequently use it for monitoring price, trade my crypto assets, get a latest news, and taking advantage of learning section to enrich my knowledge in crypto. My overall experience has been mostly positive due to many amazing features Coinbase has to offer. Starting from its user friendly price monitoring interface to its simple and easy transaction functionalities, hence, I’d undoubtedly recommend Coinbase even for beginners in Crypto since this platform has all you need to start exploring the field of crypto. Lastly, I’d also like to add that Coinbase has never left behind when it comes to following the latest trend as this platform also released its NFT marketplace which I believe will facilitated users who have interest in NFT.

  8. I am horrified that this is possible! They blocked my account for no reason! They say that for security reasons, they are checking something! The account was used for rare transfers of small amounts! There are 4000 Usdt on the account, which I cannot withdraw or transfer! Sapport – no answer, the money was just stolen in 2022! I will file a lawsuit , this kind of scam is not allowed!!! I do not recommend to use this wallet! Case #14121833

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