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Website: https://www.kucoin.com/

About company:

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been on the market since 2017. The platform ranks sixth in the world in terms of trading volume. Supports transactions with more than 295 cryptocurrencies. And also with five fiats: USD, CAD, VND, IDR and CNY. The exchange offers spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10, market and limit orders. The most popular cryptocurrencies in KuCoin are XBT, BTC, ETH. Commission policy of the site: trading transactions – from 0.005 to 0.01%, deposit and withdrawal of funds – free of charge.

10 thoughts on “KuCoin Review

  1. Did one transaction fine. Then account locked, they stated irregular activity on my account from one transaction, gave kyc details but still not good enough. Wanted me to email personal data to them. I refused and asked them to close my account after they said they would request a copy of my bank transactions, not a chance, made me feel like i was a criminal on support desk, which i am not. Will never use again, emailed them to close my account.

    They are totally incompetent regarding websites security.
    The hacker managed to get into my account (by the way I
    didnt fall into any phishing website) and managed to withdraw my money without going through 2FA.
    This is a major issue that reading previous reviews has not been addressed in a pretty long time and it seems clear that they have no intention to address it at all.
    Support just answer with copy and pasted non sense.
    I demand for a refund of my money, the security of your costumers asset should be a top priority!

  3. Deposited fiat with all good information. Nothing arrived, dozen of tickets opened. All closed without answer. One month past now.

    I was using kucoin since 2020. I will withdraw all my funds from this exchange.

  4. I sent SEPA deposit of 500€ last Saturday, usually such deposits arrive in minutes, however it’s Wednesday and it’s yet to come. I write them every day asking for either refund or deposit, the answer is the same: wait.
    Such a joke! Until I will get my money in either way, I suspect that they are scams!!!

  5. I have applied withdrawal online. Status showed successful. My money got deducted but no such transaction history in my wallet. Literally NO THIS TRANSACTION in the chains. Customers said they can do nothing.

  6. Be warned: I placed an order on Kucoin Futures, with that order I also placed a stop loss. I was away from my keyboard and came back to realise their stop loss failed. I took pictures of the stop failing because you could still see the SL line on their system with the current price past the SL. By the time I realised the SL failed It was close to my liquidation price, therefore I had no other choice but to cancel my original SL and hope the price changed so my liquidation price didn’t hit. Of course the liquidation happened and I lost all my money. Ive contacted Kucoin customer service on a number of occasions, cased them for months and their customer service just came back stating that I should have been at my keyboard watching the price incase something like this happened! What good is their exchange if you can’t trust it to do the things you want it to do? Sorry to say but this company is a scam and Im warning you all to stay away.

  7. I use many exchanges but I have never seen what happens here: interminable maintenance without notice, money that disappears from trading or simply from the fund, very high fees, slow and cumbersome site. Simply the worst exchange I’ve ever seen, stay away.

  8. traded solana long at 12 dollars with a position of 360 sol futures, with a liquidation price below 5 dollars since it had repurchase orders. Since they couldn’t liquidate me and I was in an excellent position, the platform crashed, I reported the problem and it went into maintenance, without being able to operate and canceling all my repurchase orders, they had to lower the price to 9 dollars and put the platform into maintenance That’s how my experience was and they don’t even want to refund my balance even though the platform was frozen

  9. Really complicated site not user friendly at all, if you are a newbie to crypto stay away. The homepage is bombarded with irrelevant offers and simple tasks such as conversion and withdrawal is unbelievably complicated

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